Car Battery Brands

Top 10 Car Battery Brands in Singapore (June 2024 Update)

You may have heard about all the different car battery brands on the market. And it is quite unfortunate (in a way!) you do need a car battery for your car, truck, or any other kind of vehicle.

There’s a lot of confusion about what car battery brand is the best one. If you’re wondering how to find the right one, this guide can help you.

All the car battery brands here are evaluated by many car owners and expert mechanics for their longevity, performance, and safety.

We have compiled the Top Car Battery Brands in March 2024 Singapore to make your life easier. And they are listed as follows (order is not sequential based on any form of rankings):

Akiro Battery


Akiro is gaining popularity in Singapore as the most affordable car battery brand that doesn’t skimp on quality. Engineered to deliver reliable performance at a fraction of the cost of other brands, Akiro batteries are specially designed to provide long life even under tough weather and road conditions. With a powerful R&D team and an innovative company culture, Akiro continuously improves itself to meet future technological requirements. Akiro provides problem-free use and savings for consumers with its long-lasting products. Their batteries are enduring and never let you down, even in difficult conditions. For reliable car batteries, look no further than Akiro, available through Advance Auto Parts, now a proud supplier of Akiro batteries. With close to 1,200 positive customer reviews and growing, they are making their mark in Singapore. Their mission is to provide you with car batteries of the highest standards while keeping costs low. Click here to visit a provider for Akiro car batteries.

Delkor Battery

Delkor Car Battery Singapore

For 12 straight years since 2006, Delkor brand is the only brand to win the coveted top spot for automotive batteries at the Korean Quality Excellence Award, a prestigious award that celebrates product quality reflected by customer satisfaction. Delkor car batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, the world’s largest automotive battery manufacturer with over 100 years of expertise in powering your drive. Manufactured in Korea since 1985, Delkor batteries have been constantly evolving, putting innovation into your driving power. Giving their customers the best is the motivation behind our breakthroughs and ensuring that you enjoy products and services that surpass expectations is their drive. As part of Johnson Controls, each Delkor battery has access to the most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art production facilities. Their patented proprietary PowerFrame® grid technology strengthens, reinforces, and makes all the difference to automotive batteries.

top car battery brands

Akiyo Battery

Akiyo Car Battery Singapore

Akiyo automotive products are specially designed to provide long life even under tough weather and road conditions. With its powerful R&D team and innovative company culture, while compensating today’s requirements at the highest level, Akiyo also improves itself continuously to meet the requirements of the future technologies. Akiyo provides problem-free use and saving for consumers with its long-lasting products. Akiyo batteries are enduring and never let you down, even in difficult conditions. If you are looking for reliable car batteries from Akiyo, look no further as Advance Auto Parts have expanded into a battery supplier for Akiyo batteries. With close to 450 positive customer reviews and growing, they are here to make a mark in Singapore, and their mission is to provide you with car batteries of the highest standards, while keeping it at the lowest cost possible.

akiyo car battery brand


Bosch Battery

Bosch Battery

Fortune ranks Bosch as the No. 1 motor vehicle parts supplier. It ranked first by Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies 2016 in eight of nine key reputation attributes, including innovation, people management, global competitiveness, and quality of products and services. They are also known for their outstanding engine cleaning performance. Some of the main products include the Bosch High Performance AGM™ Batteries, which provides excellent charge acceptance and peak power for vehicles with start/stop systems, regenerative braking and the highest electronic demand. The S6 features AGM™ technology & satisfies the highest starting & power supply standards even in extreme hot and cold climates.


Hella Battery

Hella Battery

HELLA Asia Singapore is strategically located in the midst of growing Asian economical blocks and offers to our customers the benefits of global expertise supplemented by local market knowledge and access to over 24,000 high quality parts with extensive range of lighting, electrics, electronics, thermal management and garage equipment for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In Asia, they aim to be the preferred supplier and brand of choice for automotive components by offering superior products, services and solutions that satisfy customer needs. HELLA batteries offer the most reliable supply of energy required to start the engine in meeting the demanding current required in today’s modern automobile technology, such as the newest line-up of Xcelerate, Xcelerate Pro, Xcelerate Ultra and Xcelerate Ultra+ batteries.


VARTA® Battery

VARTA Car Battery

With more than 130 years of experience providing batteries for cars, VARTA® has always been the choice for reliability and unparalleled value. Flooded batteries are the most commonly found lead acid battery type and are widely used in the automotive industry. VARTA® Automotive batteries are trusted by customers globally and will meet your needs. To choose the right battery for your car, find out first, whether your car is equipped with a start-stop system or not. If you are unsure, check your car manual or talk to your mechanic to determine the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.


Chloride Battery

Chloride Battery

Chloride Batteries S E Asia is a part of the USD1bn battery manufacturing group, Exide Industries India. The 7 state of the art manufacturing units makes CBSEA well equipped to attain a position of leadership in the automotive and industrial battery market throughout the Asia Pacific region. It’s awesome manufacturing range covers automotive batteries to Electric Forklift Batteries, DC Power backup for Telecom, Power and the Oil & Gas sectors, miners cap lamps, railway signaling & train lighting and even submarine batteries. CBSEA is a market leader in the area of traction batteries & chargers being preferred by almost all of the global OEMs and 3PLs. It’s standby batteries & chargers have been the standard for supply in reputed users like Singapore Power and China Light & Power for more than a decade now. SBS Transit also completely relies on their products.


Amaron Battery

Amaron Battery

Amaron ushered in an era where batteries looked stunning, offered complete peace of mind with zero-maintenance and offered the longest warranty that the Indian market had ever seen. Amaron introduced a huge range of zero-maintenance four wheeler batteries, as well as providing automotive battery consumer to the promise of really long-lasting batteries. By staying true to their promise and exceeding expectations, Amaron has enjoyed high equity among consumers and the trade since our launch. A history of cutting-edge communication, along with great product delivery has led to the Amaron brand becoming a trendsetter. With an image that is inspirational, youthful, powerful, technologically advanced, and highly innovative. In other words, they have delivered a product that is one of the most powerful in its class and has the longest battery life.


How To Choose The Right Car Battery Brand
Regardless of these technical specifications of a car battery, most of us are not auto-savvy enough to understand all of these automotive terms. End of the day, the battery brand doesn’t really matter as they are all really similar. The most important thing to note is that it’s all about which one has the highest Ah that meets your needs (higher Ah means more power available to start the car).

Even if you are an automotive savvy person, there is no harm to check out this page to speak to a seasoned mechanic on how to choose the right car battery brand, size and type for your car.