Car Battery Replacement

Top 10 Car Battery Replacement Service in Singapore (2018 Update)

We have compiled the Top 10 Car Battery Replacement Service in 2018 Singapore to make your life easier. And they are listed as follows (order is not sequential based on any form of rankings):

1. AAP Car Battery Replacement

AAP Car Battery Replacement

AAP Car Battery Replacement is a 24 hour car battery replacement service provider built on a strong foundation of integrity and reliability, with close to 150+ 5-star ratings and reviews in Facebook and Google Business Listings. They specialize in providing branded and reliable car batteries (AMARON, BOSCH and HOPPECKE) with tip-top services provided by an expert team of auto specialists. Their team is passionate about motoring and they are committed to give every car owner an excellent driving experience. They have mechanics stationed around the Singapore island and they can react and attend to your car battery problem as quickly as 20 mins or less. These attributes have helped them grow to become one of the most established battery service companies in Singapore. Their professional mechanics are also trained and certified in providing the best car battery replacement services for all Japanese, Korean and Continental cars. They are also well versed with handling batteries for brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Lamborghini. In addition, their technicians are fully certified and are licensed mechanics who have undergone regular training on emerging auto technologies such as the EFB batteries. Their battery services include full-fledged packages such as computerized battery diagnosis, premium car battery replacements and on-site car troubleshooting and repairs. If you have any emergency car battery concerns just simply call +65 8683 6878 to speak to their 5-star mechanic, Bobby Ng for any car battery advice, as well as any mobile roadside assistance that you require. You can contact them here.


2. Automobile Association of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore

Automobile Association of Singapore is the motoring association in Singapore, providing roadside assistance services, lifestyle benefits and privileges to members. AA Singapore is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which represents the motoring interests of more than 200 member associations in over 140 countries. Through this affiliation, AA Members can expect the same level of motoring convenience and assistance when they drive overseas. Stranded on the road with a failed car battery? Do not fret! With AA’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance Service, they will check and change your battery on the spot anytime and anywhere in Singapore. AA offers a wide array of battery models to suit different car makes and models. Their batteries deliver high performance at minimum care. Made of quality premium materials using leading edge technology, the batteries do not require battery water top-up yet offer improved reliability and long-lasting performance.


3. 24Hrs Car Battery Services

24Hrs Car Battery Services

24Hrs Car Battery Services is a mobile recovery company that provide On-site Car Battery Replacement, Tyre Repair and Towing Service. Providing On-site 24hrs roadside assistance service in Singapore. They put in all efforts to get customers back on the road at the shortest time. They have a few vehicle on the road loaded with new car batteries going around Singapore to rescue stranded vehicles. When a customer call them, they will guide them to run a few tests on their vehicle to identify the causes of the breakdown because there might be other factors why the vehicle is unable to start up. The whole process of the car battery replacement or tyre repair will be done by their professional mechanic so to get their customers back on the road again.


4. Automotive Recovery Singapore

Automotive Recovery Singapore

Automotive Recovery Singapore specialises in car battery replacement services. They have a fleet of recovery vehicle that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail to render assistance to vehicles that are stranded or broken down all over Singapore. At Automotive Recovery Singapore, they provide the highest expectation of services to all our customers and also the most competitive yet transparent rates. Automotive Recovery Singapore also provide the following services: Mobile Car Battery Replacement, Mobile Tyre Repair and Towing Service.


5. FastFix


FastFix specializes in 24 hours mobile onsite (Roadside Assistance) Car Battery Replacement Service & Jump Start Service in Singapore. They work hard to make your car battery replacement a hassle free & positive experience. At FastFix, They work hard to make every customer a happy customer. FastFix is a ACRA registered company. They issue official receipts and warranty cards for our products & services.


6. Battery Empire

Battery Empire

Battery Empire offers Professional Car Battery Replacement Services in Singapore including: Roadside Car Battery Replacement Service, Mobile Car Battery Replacement Service, Onsite Car Battery Replacement Service and Workshop Car Battery Replacement Services.


7. BH Auto Services

BH Auto Services

Incorporated in 2009, BH Auto is a “One-Stop Service” Automotive Workshop offering a wide range of automotive solutions. With customer’s lifestyle taken into consideration, they have modeled their operations for customers to have the accessibility and availability to seek for automotive solutions at anytime, anywhere, island-wide(Singapore).


8. Dial a Car Battery

Established in 2010, Dial A Car Battery is a roaming company that provides car battery replacement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of where the situation is across the island. With just a phone call, Dial A Car Battery immediately renders help to anyone, anywhere. Dial A Car Battery is also a one-stop solution for battery services for car owners.



Batteries are often unpredictable and fail at the most inconvenient times. That is why we have a range of batteries available to keep you moving and get you back on the road. They are committed to supply the right battery to suit your requirements at a time and place of your convenience, whether at home, work or somewhere else. They are available 365 days and daily operating hours 24Hrs.


10. RS Automotive

RS Automotive

RS Automotive Pte Ltd is a fully accredited provider of one-stop automotive service workshop for car owners. They are the authorized Parallel Import New Car Service Centre approved workshop. These partnerships have further enhanced their professionalism and the quality of service they offer to the customers. At RS Automotive Pte Ltd, they aim not only to provide the best in terms of service, skills, technical expertise and advanced diagnostic equipment, their principle aim is also to deliver high quality work at fair price to customers’ complete satisfaction. Backed by a team of professionally trained technicians, RS Automotive Workshop is well-positioned to provide customers with sound advice on the technical and mechanical aspects of vehicles as well as the highest standards of workmanship. they are also constantly investing in the latest diagnostic equipment and as such are fully equipped to service and repair today’s technologically advanced vehicles.


In Summary

Most of people only will change their car battery when their car fails to start. It is not that they fail to take care of the car and its machine, but most of the time it is caused by purchasing a poor quality battery in first place. It is crucial to choose a quality car battery that meets the standard and your car specifications. Automotive batteries are grouped by size, their material, ampere hours, cold-cranking amps, reserve capacity and warranty. Some car owner might also has preference over branding.

Regardless of these technical specifications of a car battery, most of us are not auto-savvy enough to understand all of these automotive terms. Or even if you are an automotive savvy person, there is a time where you only realize your car battery is on its last legs when it happens.

While most people only think about car battery replacement when such problems arise, it is advisable to know what to look for in order to make the right choice early enough.