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Every car’s problems are different, depending on the auto parts issue that you are experiencing from. We provide comprehensive guide on all kinds of car recovery solutions. Need an immediate car battery replacement service in Singapore? We got you covered as well. It is the most embarrassing moment for every motorist yet also the most common. Just when you are in a rush to leave, you realize that your car won’t start.

Our guide here is to help you look for the best car battery service in your neighborhood on the following points:

Purchasing A Car Battery

Your car battery has reached its end of life. You need to buy a new one, but you are not sure how to or what to look out for a good car battery. Worry not, we got you covered.

Extending Car Battery Life

Who doesn’t want a long last car battery? Everyone has different lifestyle, but a good car owner can learn these mentioned tips and tricks to extend his car battery.

Solve Common Car Problems

You are sure you have maintained your car properly, yet your car still giving you problems time to time? Do not fret! Here we list out some common mistakes you might have been doing.

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Top 10 Car Battery Replacement Service in Singapore (November 2021 Update)

Nov 10, 2021 / Car Battery Replacement

We have compiled the Top 10 Car Battery Replacement Services in Singapore to make your life easier. And they are listed as follows. Most people only change their car battery when their car fails to start. It is crucial to choose a quality car battery that meets the standards and your car specifications and needs. Regardless of these technical specification of a car battery, there is a time where you only realize your car battery is on its last legs when it happens!

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A Complete Guide On How to To Maintain Your Car Battery in Singapore

Apr 14, 2021 / Car Battery Tips & Tricks

While most people only think about car battery replacement when such problems arise, it is advisable to know what to look for in order to make the right choice early enough. Some of the warning signs include a slow engine crank, low battery fluid level, old age, bloating and swelling of the car battery, and battery leak. Of course, your car mechanic can come in handy to advise whether it is time to buy a new car battery after inspections. So, what do you consider when looking for a new car battery replacement in Singapore? Here are some ideas.

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Locate a car battery service provider near you. Find one now